Kids Network Academy Inc.
Quality Child Care for the Community
We use developmental checklist to ensure that our toddlers are reaching particular
milestones in their development.  On our checklist, we have included such areas as:

·         Fine Motor Skills

·         Gross Motor Skills

·         Physical Coordination

·         Language Skills

·         Social Interaction

Toddlers need to feel secure and able to explore their environment through all of their
senses.  Toddlers are learning that they are individuals and practice their independence
often.  At KNA, we encourage toddlers to explore their environment by making it safe and

As our toddlers learn to communicate and relate to their new found individualism, our
teachers will enhance the learning process by providing activities that encourage body
movement, language acquisition and beginning social development.  Our toddler
classrooms are set up to allow the toddler to take an active role in their day-to-day routines.
Manipulatives, puzzles, books and interest centers in the classroom encourage toddlers to
make choices relevant to their interest and their individual developmental stage.