Kids Network Academy Inc.
Quality Child Care for the Community
Our preschoolers are learning new thinking and developmental skills
nearly every day. Our Preschool Program provides a creative,
supportive and challenging environment that encourages children's
natural curiosity, helps them to develop friendships and prepares them
for kindergarten.

At KNA, you will find preschool teachers creating lesson plans based on
the unique interests of the children in their classroom.

Curriculum and Program Goals:

The KNA Preschool Program focuses on four aspects of children’s
development: social-emotional, cognitive, physical and language. Our
play-based Learning Curriculum develops specific skills within each of
these categories including:

•Self awareness
•Responsibility for self and others
•Learning and problem solving
•Logical thinking
•Listening and speaking
•Reading and writing
•Gross and fine motors skills

Preschool children learn through play. We encourage children to
develop their skills through activities in:

•Building Blocks
•Toys and Games
•Dramatic Play
•Writing Center
•Water Table
•Music and Movement
•Outdoor Play

We also take an active, hands-on approach to learning. We believe
children learn best when they are engaged and actively participating in
their education.