Kids Network Academy Inc.
Quality Child Care for the Community

At KNA, our infant rooms provide a warm and stimulating
environment for your child. To maintain a sense of balance, we
designate specific places for sleeping, playing and diapering. Our
infant rooms are designed to provide a stimulating atmosphere that
encourages exploration. Infants are eager to learn and explore, so
we provide an individualized program to encourage appropriate
activities for infants such as story time, tummy time and extra time to
explore. Outdoor walks/strolls allow for new and exciting experiences
to enhance your child's day.

Our teachers understand that a balanced routine includes lots of
visual stimulation, plenty of attention and age-appropriate toys and
activities. Warm and nurturing interactions that include hugging,
singing and playing are a part of our everyday care. We encourage
communication as we talk and sing, as we diaper, feed, play and
comfort your child. Interactions such as these allow your child to
develop a sense of trust.

At KNA, we understand that every infant has an individual schedule.
Feeding, sleeping, playing, and snuggling all happen according to a
routine that fits your child's needs. We work with parents to develop
a schedule that works for your baby. We send home daily
communication sheets so that parents are aware of the events,
activities and care that were provided throughout the day. We
welcome breast milk & cloth diapers.